Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wheelchairs to be contolled by your mind

Voice-control is sooo twentieth century and besides, not everyone can use their voice. Thankfully then, technology has advanced enough to allow things like wheelchairs to be mind-contolled.

The japanese research institution RIKEN has built a wheelchair that reads the wheelchaired person's brainwaves using new brain-wave analysing technology. This new technology allows the wheelchair to be controlled with just a 125 millisecond delay, as opposed to conventional mind-readers that takes several seconds to react.

There are plans in the works for use of this technology in other fields too, like medicine and nursing care management. There's a host of future science fiction-y mind-control gadgetry that could use this technology. Personally, I imagine a future where you don't have to pain-stakingly, physically do things like driving a car. Instead you tell the car-or-whatever - with your mind - to take you where you wan't to go and then it does.

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